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Name:Dr. Chandra Suresh

Name: Dr. Chandra Suresh
Occupation: Experimental Geneticist

Current Status: Lost in the wrong time.

Age: Mun and Character are over 18.
Canon: During the disaster at Coyote Sands, one of the panicked specials attacked Chandra and accidentally sent a copy of him into the future. Chandra suddenly finds himself no longer in 1961, but in 2008, and thanks to Claire Bennet, Chandra's theories about people with abilities are no longer just theories.

If you would like to play with my Chandra outside of SWS, please (pleasepleaseplease) go to my questions post liked on the right. I am open to anything!

You're welcome to contact me on AIM at graysylar.

Note: I play 'verses, so except under specific circumstances, I disregard anything that happens to Chandra in different threads. Just because he knows a Sylar in one thread, for example, doesn't mean he knows him in another. Keeps it cleaner that way!

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