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One minute, Chandra is caught up in the chaos of the windstorm, the gunfire, the screams. One of his patients is falling into his arms, and there is a flash of light, and.

The world goes silent. The buildings around him have fallen into what looks like years of decay in mere seconds. A faint breeze blows a loose shutter, but the sky is clear blue.

He knows instinctively that he cannot stay here. There's a cafe nearby, maybe he can ask for some help there. He's not sure exactly what he'll say. They will probably think he's lost his mind, but he's used to people thinking that about him.

The cafe, thankfully, isn't far. He's tired, and his throat is full of dust, and he has no idea what has just happened to him. He just knows that little Angela had been right, in a way. He'd killed them all.

He hardly notices that there is anything strange inside the cafe, he's so desperate for a glass of water. The waitress takes pity on him, and gives him a glass without any promise that he'll buy anything along with it. He must be quite a mess.

He's on his third gulp of water when he starts to realize that everyone in the cafe is huddling around the television. The television that is broadcasting in fairly vibrant color. He leaves his glass at the bar and walks slowly to the crowd.

A girl is climbing to the top of a ferris wheel. Everyone around him gasps as she leaps to the ground, but not Chandra. He keeps his eyes glued to the screen. When she stands up again and begins to heal in front of the camera, a smile spreads across his face.

“Where is this happening?” he asks the woman next to him, nodding toward the screen. Her face is ashen white.

“N-New York.”

“I must go to New York,” he says with a nod.

So, he does. He manages to convince a trucker to give him a ride. He's determined by now that there was some sort of time jump. The trucker had let Chandra look at his telephone, which didn't look at all like a telephone, had no cord, and was connected to something called the internet.

Chandra recognized it as a computer more than a telephone, although it didn't look like any computer he'd worked with either, but at least that way it made enough sense to him that he could use it. He looked up everything he could find on the girl and watched the newscast video several more times.

He also discovered that she was a student in Virginia, so he requests that the trucker leaves him there instead. It's only been a day and a half since his world crashed down around him and he was thrown from the wreckage into another one, but he is determined. He can worry about the rest of it later.
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I'm open to any comments you have about how I'm handling Chandra.


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This is where I will keep track of my verses, should any arise.

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This is where I'll keep track of my [livejournal.com profile] sixwordstories posts.


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Please comment here if you have any questions or if you'd like to talk about RPing together.


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